Vegan Ramen - Roast Sweet Potato & Mushroom

I posted that I was making this amazing vegan ramen on my Instagram story last weekend, and my inbox was flooded with people asking for the recipe! I had been looking for a really good ramen recipe for ages - there's a place here in Perth that does an amazing vegan ramen dish but I wanted to see if I could make something even better at home.

Well, the good news is: this is just about the best ramen I've ever had! It is a labour of love: ramen takes a bit longer than most of the dishes I like to make (I think this took me nearly 3 hours in total, including prepping all the veggies). But it made heaps of ramen and the good news was, there was leftovers!

The recipe I used you can find at Serious Eats. I did make a few modifications, including the following:

  • I used water instead of oil
  • I didn't make the mushroom-scallion oil
  • I couldn't find maitake or beech mushrooms so I used enoki, and I think they worked just fine!
  • To make it gluten free, I used rice noodles instead of ramen (I had leftovers of this dish as well, so for a couple of dishes I used regular ramen noodles and for a couple I used rice noodles).

Happy cooking! Thanks Serious Eats for the recipe, it was great.