How to: Veggie Sushi

Vegan sushi is honestly one of the staples in my diet because it is so easy to make, so good for you AND can be made the night before so it's the perfect lunch to take to work. Oh, and taking your own sushi means avoiding paying $8 per roll if you buy it!

I've seen a few complicated recipes to make sushi but all you really need is:

  1. Nori (seaweed) rolls
  2. Rice: either sushi rice or arborio works best (I usually cook 1 cup dry rice and this yields about 3 sushi rolls)
  3. Veggies either chopped finely or grated (I usually use carrot, cucumber, avocado and capsicum or a mixture of those, but you could also use purple cabbage, mushroom, asparagus, lettuce - there are so many options!)
  4. Tamari sauce - to serve

In order to get the rice to really stick together well, it's best to cook the rice and make the sushi straight after while the rice is still warm. I use a sushezi sushi roller to help roll mine up nice and tight (you can buy them on the sushezi website) but even if you just have a bamboo mat, you can pretty easily make beautiful looking sushi (that stays together!) Practice makes perfect - so if you don't get them looking great the first few times, keep going.

To slice the sushi, make sure your knife is clean (and clean off the rice as you go, if needed) as this well help you get perfectly-shaped pieces of sushi as well. I usually make mine the night before if I'm taking it to work the next day and refrigerate it overnight.

Another easy option is to make a sushi bowl: I generally make these when I'm going to eat straight away because they are just a bit quicker and easier than rolling sushi. I usually put some spinach at the bottom of the bowl, then layer the rice and veggies and mix through some tamari, and decorate with a few bits of nori.