About Me.

Hey! My name is Andrea, I'm a law graduate living with my little pup Lily in sunny Perth, Western Australia - and I'm here to share my passion for wholesome, vegan food with you. My love affair with healthy food began shortly after I suffered a bout of terrible salmonella poisoning in 2013, and my transition to a vegan lifestyle began a year and a half later.

Initially, my decision to go vegan was based on health reasons - I suffered terrible IBS (a lingering gift from the food poisoning), and my immune system was overworked and run-down. I decided - after trying conventional medicines, diets and cutting various things out of my diet, that my next course of action would be to 'simplify' my diet to one based on fruits and veggies. And, it worked.


Around the same time, I started educating myself on other aspects of being vegan - I read books on the health benefits, watched documentaries about climate change, and films on the ethical monstrosity that is 'meat production'. At this point I guess I knew there was no turning back - and this was undoubtedly one of the most positive decisions I have ever made.

I am thriving off a plant-based diet rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes, seeds and grains; and I want to share my love for this food with you! I post photos of my daily meals on instagram, but you can find weekly posts including recipes and everything else right here on the blog page.

I hope you enjoy visiting my little online world!

Lots of love